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Recreational Programs

The Tumble Tot Co. program is developed by professionals. Based on proven principles of skill development program for gymnastics (CanGym program of Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique), early childhood education, educational psychology, physical therapy, recreation and fitness, Tumble Tot Co. has developed activities that are meaningful for every child.

Our programs add to the physical well-being of children of all ages. Children, of all shapes sizes and levels of ability can find a way to express themselves at our club. We offer separate boys, girls and mixed programs with fixed ratios of 1:6 for younger children and 1:8 for older children. They learn to follow instructions and to focus, as well as develop the skills of socialization. Physically, they become better co-ordinated, maintain their inherent flexibility and gain strength.

Twinkle Tots 45 minute class10-24 monthsTuesday9:30
Advanced Twinkle Tots 45 minute class19 months - 3 yearsMonday9:30, 10:30
Saturday10:00, 11:00
1 hour class
3 - 5 yearsMonday9:30, 10:30, 5:00, 6:00
Wednesday4:30, 5:30
Thursday5:00, 6:00
Friday5:30, 6:30
Saturday9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Little Ninjas
1 hour class
3 - 5 yearsTuesday5:30
Elite Ninjas
1 hour class
6 - 9 yearsTuesday5:30
Hi Flyers I
1 hour class
6 - 9 yearsMonday5:00, 6:00
Thursday5:00, 6:00
Friday5:30, 6:30
Saturday9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Hi Flyers II
2 hour class
10 years and upWednesday5:30
Advanced Hi Flyers
2 hour class
6 years and up by invitationWednesday6:00
Tiny Stars Girls
1.5 or 3 hours per week
(By invitation only)
minimum 4 yearsWednesday4:30
Saturday9:00 / 10:30
Gyminee Crickets (Boys)
2 hours per week
(By invitation only)
minimum 5 yearsSaturday10:00
Elite Petite (Girls)
4 - 5 hours per week
(By invitation only)
minimum 5 yearsMonday, Thursday5:30
Tuesday, Friday5:30
Tumbling for Acro / Cheer / Gymnastics 1 hour class7 years and upWednesday7:30
Performance Team
1.5 hour class (By invitation only. Tryouts available)
7 years and upSaturday3:30