2024 Fall Recreational Schedule

Our 2024 Fall recreational schedule runs 15 weeks from Monday, September 9, 2024 to Saturday, December 21st, 2024.

Classes occur once per week unless otherwise indicated.

Monday classes will run for 14 weeks due to the Thanksgiving Holiday on Monday, October 14th, 2024.

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On the last day of classes for each session, program participants will receive a report card and a badge or ribbon to celebrate their success.

Before you register, Contact Us so we can get you into the right program. You can also call during office hours at 905-836-6401.
For program fees, please scroll further down this page. Please note that exact pricing and program availability will be confirmed once an online registration is received.

For program descriptions, click on the program name in the schedule below. For additional important information, including details such as payment, annual registration fees, and cancellation & refund policies, please review the information provided on our “how to register” page.

Twinkle Tots (click here)
45 minute class
18 months to 3 years with parent participationMon9:30
Sat9:00(*FULL*), 10:00(*FULL*), 11:00
Tumblebugs (click here)
1 hour class
3 - 4 years old Mon10:30, 4:30, 5:30
Wed9:30, 4:30 , 5:30
Thu4:30, 5:30
Sat9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Grasshoppers (click here)
1 hour class
4 - 5.5 years oldMon4:30, 5:30
Wed4:30, 5:30
Thu4:30, 5:30
Sat9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Little Ninjas (click here)
1 hour class
4 - 5 years Tue4:30
Junior Ninjas (click here)
1 hour class
5 - 6 yearsTue5:30
Hi Flyers I (click here)
1 hour class
6 - 8 yearsMon4:30, 5:30
Wed4:30, 5:30
Thu5:30, 6:30
Sat9:00, 10:00, 11:00
Hi Flyers II (click here)
1 hour class
8 - 11 yearsMon (Mixed)6:30
Sat (Mixed)2:30
Advanced Hi Flyers (click here)
2 hour class
6 years and up by invitationTue6:00
Tiny Stars (Girls) (click here)
2 hours - 2 x 1 hr per week (By invitation only)
minimum 4 yearsTue6:00
Gyminee Crickets (Boys) (click here)
2 hours - By invitation only)
minimum 5 yearsSat10:00
Elite Petite (Girls) (click here)
3 hour class (2 x 1.5 hr twice per week), by invitation only
minimum 5 yearsTue4:30

Trampoline (click here)

1 hour class
6 Years and upMon5:30

Advanced Trampoline (click here)

1 hour, 30 min class (Invitation only)
7 years and upMon6:30
Performance Team (click here)
1 hour class (By invitation only. Tryouts available)
7 years and upTue8:00
Homeschool (click here)

1 hour class
5 1/2 years and upThu11:30

Program Fees

Please note that all prices are plus HST and an annual insurance and registration fee of $50.00.

A 10% discount is available for registering a second sibling during the same session. Please note that the 10% sibling discount cannot be combined with any other programs or specials.

Class Length
Fall 202445 minute class1 hour class1 hour & 30 minute class2 hour class
MONDAY - 14 weeks
Sept 9 to Dec 16
No classes on Monday Oct 14, 2024 (Thanksgiving)
TUESDAY – 15 weeks
Sept 10 to Dec 17
WEDNESDAY – 15 weeks
Sept 11 to Dec 18
THURSDAY – 15 weeks
Sept 12 to Dec 19
FRIDAY – 15 weeks
Sept 13 to Dec 20
SATURDAY – 15 weeks
Sept 14 to Dec 21

Waitlist Policy

If we cannot accommodate a registration, customers will automatically be added to our waitlist. If and when a spot becomes available, participants on the waitlist will receive an email to register in order.  You will have 48 hours from receiving an email to register before we send an email to the next person on the list.