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Birthday Party Invitations

To help you quickly create birthday invitations, we offer two approaches for both our regular Gymnastics-themed birthday parties and Ninja-themed birthdays. The approaches are as follows:

  • Print an invitation, write the details, and circulate invites by hand (the “old-school” / “classic” method!)
  • Download a PDF fillable template, enter details about the party electronically, and save as a PDF file. You can then send the PDF invitations by e-mail or social media or optionally print them out choose to hand them out in person. This approach saves the need to hand write multiple invitations.

Method 1: “Old School”Classic” – Download “write-in” invations, distribute paper copies

Sometimes simpler is better. Download our printable invitation templates below and simply write in details about your Birthday Party. Print the invitation locally and ciculate hardcopies to your friends.

Method 2: Download a fillable PDF template, and distribute electronic copies

With this method, you can download a “fillable PDF template”. You can complete the template once, save the resulting PDF, and share the file electronically. You can still print and share paper copies if you choose using this method.

Download the Online fillable Gymnastics Birthday Party Invitation and save electronic copies.

Download the Online fillable Ninja Birthday Party Invitation and save electronic copies.

How to use the PDF fillable Birthday Party Invitations

  • Download the fillable birthday party invitation.
  • Your browser, computer, or mobile phone will need to support Adobe PDF attachments.
  • From within your browser, or using Adobe Acrobat Reader, open the downloaded PDF form.
  • Type in details about the birthday party as shown in the image below. The size of the type will adjust automatically to ensure that what you type fits in each field.
  • Select the “Disk” icon in Adobe Acrobat to save a local copy of the birday party invitation.
  • Next, share this file by e-mail or social media to invite people to your birthday party.
  • Note that recipients can optionally print the invite if they choose. It is designed to print on standard letter sized paper and be folded.
  • The invitation includes details about what to wear to the birthday and how to prepare.