Birthday Attendance Form

Please complete the form below to help us prepare for the special day. It is important that we understand the number of expected attendees and their ages so that we can configure the gym appropriately.

Please note that this form must be completed a minimum of one week before the birthday party date as we need this information to plan our staffing levels. We regret that we cannot offer refunds in the event that invitees are unable to attend at the last minute.

Please select the time that your party is scheduled for.
Please help us prepare for the party by letting us know in advance how many children you believe will be attending. Please include the birthday boy or girl in this tally. Prices for additional attendees beyond 10 are in addition to the base birthday party cost. HST is applicable to all fees.
Depending on their age, children will enjoy different activities. Please help us understand how many people you anticipate will be attending in each age range so that we can configure the gym for age appropriate activities.
Please advise us if any of the birthday party attendees have food sensitivities or allergies.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make this a fun birthday experience for your child and their guests.