Release, Waiver, and Indemnity Form

For specific activities, a coach or member of the gym’s staff may ask you to complete a release, waiver, and indemnity form. For your convenience, we provide this form online. Once you complete this form and sign it online, a copy will be sent to the gym. You will also receive a copy for your records.

If you prefer, you can download and print and PDF version of this form.

Program information



I, the undersigned, hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless, The Tumble Tot Co. & Tornados Gymnastics, their Officers, instructors, coaches, employees, members and clubs from and against all claims, demands, costs, damages, actions, suits, or proceedings arising out of participation of myself/my child in any gymnastic activity.

Notice of Risk

Although every effort will be made to provide a safe and enjoyable gymnastics program, it must be recognized that there are inherent risks involved.

If you are on a phone or tablet, please sketch your signature or initials using your finger. On a desktop computer or laptop, use your mouse. The statements above are true to the best of my knowledge, and I've reviewed terms of the release above.