If you are looking for a fun & fit program for your child(ren) then look no further! Bounce on over to Tumble Tot Co. & Tornados Gymnastics trampoline program! Our outstanding Gymnastics Ontario certified coaches are here to help your child make memories that last a life time and teach each of the classes in a fun, safe and progressive way.

Safe and fun Trampoline programs at The Tumble Tot Co. and Tornados Gymnastics

Our staff ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sport of trampoline and are thrilled to work with your child(ren) in the development of  new skills and help them move through the level system, leading up to learning FLIPS and other EXCITING skills in a FUN an SAFE manner.

Our trampoline program offers a variety of classes from beginner to advanced, creating an INCLUSIVE & WELCOMING environment where your child can grow and thrive! Here at Tumble Tot Co. & Tornados Gymnastics, our mission of our trampoline program is to provide high quality athletic programming, while promoting the aim to learn and maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem & teach perseverance in addition to having FUN!

Notes: We recommend coming in for a FREE trial class so one of our passionate coaches can asses to see where your child(ren) are best fit in programming!

Beginner Trampoline classes:

This recreational class is designed as an introduction for those wishing to join the wonderful sport of trampoline, this is a great program where your child is able to work at their own pace through our unique 16 level system focussing on fun, fitness & core foundations and skills of the sport building up to more advanced skills such as FLIPS on our high performance Olympic style trampolines!

Class length: 1 hour

Requirements: No experience necessary!

Advanced Trampoline classes:

Want to soar to new heights? Well this advanced program might just be for you! Trampoline works every single muscle in your body at the same time (even the ones you never thought existed!) it’s so awesome that it burns up to 1,000 calories per hour and you don’t even notice because you’re busy having too much fun engaging in our 16 level system & working towards competitive programming. This class is designed for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the sport of trampoline and work towards the development of more challenging skills safely with the assistance of our experienced coaches on our high performance Olympic style trampolines. This program is great for detoxification of the body, increasing agility, coordination, stamina, mental focus and emotional/ psychosocial well-being, cardio, core strengthening and much more!

Class length: 1 hr and 30 min

Requirements: Some experience preferred

Private lessons:

Start your adventure today with one of our private trampoline classes! If you’re looking for more time to master skills, this program is for you! We offer 1:1 & 1:2 training with one of our gymnastics certified coaches.

Class length: 1hr

How to register:

Navigate to the “Schedules” Tab along the top of this website and select the session that you wish to register for (Fall, Winter, Spring etc.). Follow the links for online registration to request a spot at your preferred time.